The Centre for Hybrid Biodevices is at the leading edge of research into innovative micro- and nanoscale technologies that represent the beginning of a new era in biological analysis. This technology can provide faster diagnostics, streamline drug development and provide more effective means of monitoring our planet.
Hybrid Biodevices are micro- and nanoscale machines that have the potential to transform the way molecules, cells, tissues and whole animals are studied. At the Centre for Hybrid Biodevices, we are developing ways to miniaturise analytical equipment to provide automated, more effective and inexpensive ways to analyse samples. We have strong links with industry and collaborate widely with scientists with diverse backgrounds, including chemistry, biology, medicine, electronics and environmental sciences. The Centre for Hybrid Biodevices is a World-class microfluidic laboratory for testing devices fabricated in the state of the art clean rooms in the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre. This ideal research environment provides the infrastructure and expertise to make breakthroughs using Hybrid Biodevices.